Mariè S

Here is a post to give you an idea of what is in my mind.

I have taken photos in the past where I focused simplicity by stripping away a lot of the basic elements of a portrait such as the background, eyes, face, and body in sea of negative space. I also worked with the technically “bad” side of photography such as crushed blacks and huge grain.

With this shoot I want to expand on this but start adding depth to this style. By using the studio space and lighting I can work with the actual physical space to add depth.
I also want to experiment with using a sheet of glass and light reflected on to it to create flare and low contrast to add another layer to the depth.

Here is some examples of using reflections off the glass from my tablet.


possible idea for lighting.


zweifellos mondbetont “untitled” & <3 grain
Grain and more grain



<3 grain

Some more from the color implosion happy that i have another one left :3

Leica M3 I Biogon 35 again



Examples of flare