Nature and Darkness

These photos show off the over all mood and aesthetic of the photoshoot.

Her hair curves and matches her shoulder/arm and back curve.
The tones go from light to dark very slowly from top to bottom.
A strong sense of disconnected mystery from the model looking completely away from the camera.

Similar ideas as the image above.

Whilst the model is in heavy shadow the shape from her pose is very clear against the sky and above the tree line.

Interesting artifacts from the development process.

An extreme use of heavy darkness with only vague shapes to see.

Ghost in Me by LenaDementieva on DeviantArt

Movement during exposure creates a bit of drama.
Heavy blacks in the hair and clothing create negative space and frame the face.

Although simple looking photo there is quite a lot going on here. 
Blown out highlights to the right.
Crushed blacks down the bottom.
The face, whilst clear is covered with both hair and her arm.

More heavy shadows and shapes define this photo.